5 online methods to help you think of a successful idea

1. Google Search Engine

Every heard of the famous quote “Google is your best friend”? Well… Hello Google!
I believe the picture is self-explanatory, so I shall not bore you with words.
Try fiddling around with your search engine and see what appears.


2. Google Keyword Planner & UberSuggest

Google keyword planner is a cost estimator tool for users who wish to advertise using Google Adwords.
But of course, it can also be used as a tool to see what people have searched for in the search engine with an estimate of the average monthly searches.

UberSuggest is also one of the recommended tools (because it is still free!) which you can use to compound your research. By having this data, you can gauge the size of your audience online.

Anyway, don’t get stuck with the numbers given by the tools as they might not always be accurate as you think.
These tools are meant to give you a reference to come out with your idea.


3. DomainPunch & Alexa

DomainPunch has many tools but one of the best tool is still the Alexa million! This is where you can conduct a search on existing websites and identify what are the top websites based on their reputation and traffic. From there, you can research and understand the features of these top websites are doing which enable them to achieve a great deal of success.

Alexa no longer displaying their top one million sites in their website. Instead, they display the top 500 sites on the websites base on its categories and country. Fortunately, we still have Domainpunch but Alexa is still a good platform to extend your research if you are unclear of what you are looking for.


4. Forum

Forum has always been a good platform to explore discussion threads created by people and it will help you to crystallize your idea. Find a forum that is related to your idea and explore on what have been discussed. The best places to explore are always in the “Help” and “Beginners” sections where you able to find the issues that people are facing. Reddit & Quora are 2 similar platforms that you can use to extend your research. So, are you able to spot any opportunity there?


5. Kickstarter & Similar platform

Kickstarter! The platform where you sell before you build. This is a great place to see what projects that has been materialized. Kickstarter also provides you with the opportunity to understand the needs of your potential consumers which could assist you in enhancing and validating your idea.

I hope this has been helpful.  Now, Go Forth and find your new idea!




I realized many free tools are starting to limit their functions to monetize it by requiring users to upgrade to their paid version for full features. shucks.
Well… I guess data is really the new oil after all.